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At Clarity Counselling Northern Beaches, our ethos is to help you talk, heal and grow. We provide a warm, welcoming environment and offer our counselling services to people from all backgrounds.

Confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us and we pride ourselves on offering a safe space for discussion on a variety of life’s challenges at our Manly counselling space. 

“Life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”




Established in 2019, Clarity Counselling Northern Beaches has become holistic counselling practice offering a variety of services. The practice was started as an accessible and affordable option to people looking for counselling on the beaches.

In 2020, three Counsellors joined Clarity Counselling, enabling a wider choice for people and an extensive range in skills and experience. In 2021, Clarity Counselling Northern Beaches expanded and collaborated with the NSW government to offer Victims Services Counselling. There was also the addition of an in-house Clinical Nutritionist and MyoFacial Body Therapist, further enhancing our holistic approach. We have held over 120 sessions that have helped resolve trauma, build relationships, and improve well-being, amongst various other benefits.

As a practice, we are continuously looking to enhance and improve our practice and explore new types of therapy such as Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy.

At Clarity Counselling, we are always open to exploring new opportunities that may benefit our client's. If you would like to collaborate, please get in touch with us for a chat.

Out Mantra is Talk, Heal & Grow, and we hope to continue to help and support more people in Manly and the Northern Beaches in Sydney. If you would like a complimentary phone consultation, send us a message, and one of our Counsellors will give you a call. 


At Clarity Counselling Northern Beaches we want to listen and find solutions to your problems wherever possible. Our counsellors here in Manly are able to assist with a variety of topics including: 

Trauma, addiction, homelessness, mental health problems, behavioural problems, criminal activity, disabilities, addictions, dual-diagnosis, substance use, mood and personality issues, personal and spiritual growth, career development, couples and individual relationship counselling, adolescent development, anxiety, parenting skills, loss and grief, self-esteem, body image, sexuality, chronic illness, anger and depression. 

At Clarity Counselling Northern Beaches, we pride ourselves on being convenient for our clients, affordable and accessible to all.

Couples Therapy

Our mantra is: Talk. Heal. Grow.
This means that together, we will help your healing process and personal growth through a variety of counselling approaches and theories including: 

  • Mindfulness-integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (MiCBT)

  • Trauma-informed Care

  • Solutions focused therapy

  • Person-Centred

  • Psychodynamic 

  • Humanistic and integrative

  • Harm minimisation strategies

  • Exposure therapy 

  • Eye movement desensitisation and reprocessing

Connecting with our Clients 

Connecting with our client's is a top priority. Our counsellors in Manly will combine a number of theories and techniques depending on the needs of each individual client. 

  • Relationship Difficulties

  • Significant life changes, Grief 

  • Anxiety, Anger, Intrusive thoughts

  • Depression, Sadness, Isolation

  • Stress, Impulsivity & Addiction

  • Panic attacks, Memory loss 

  • Flashback, Nightmares

  • Self-harm, Substance abuse

  • Fear, Avoidance 

  • Emotional Dysregulation

We're hiring

If you'd like to join the Clarity Counselling team, please send us an email telling us about yourself and we'll be in touch!

Meet The Team - Our Counsellors

Sarah Counsellor Manly


Hi, I’m Sarah. I specialise in a holistic approach of the wellbeing of mind, body, and spirit. The nervous system can be calmed to create less reactivity to stress in our environment (Polyvagal Theory). Using this framework, I look forward to working closely with you to overcome your unique challenges and create a new journey of self-awareness, confidence, and positivity.

Rocio Counsellor Manly


I am a social worker and psychotherapist. My therapeutic approach is warm and caring, collaborative & individualised in response to each person’s unique needs. I believe the foundation for a good therapeutic relationship is based on empathy and respect and relate to my clients in a non-judgmental, supportive, and positive way. I use light-hearted and creative ways to assist my clients to feel comfortable and safe in sessions.

IMG_8667 (1)_edited_edited.jpg


I offer each client my full commitment and genuine care combined with many years of clinical experience as a counsellor. It is my priority to establish a safe environment where I
can help you with issues such as substance abuse, trauma, depression, anxiety and personality disorders.
Therapy is about healing the psychological pain that prevents one from living a full life. The past cannot be changed, but it does not have to impact your present or future. 

Sophie Counsellor Manly


My approach is compassionate, person-centred and collaborative. I use various techniques, including EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing), Narrative Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Therapy, Solution-Focused Therapy and Trauma-Informed Therapy. I have a social work background and have worked with people affected by trauma and neglect. I have experience working with a variety of ages, male and female. 

Lisa Therapist Manly
counsellor p1

Hollistic Therapies

Franca Clinical Nutritionist

Lisa - Myofascial Release Therapist 

Hi, my name is Lisa, I am a qualified Trauma-informed yoga & meditation Teacher. I care deeply about helping you create the space required to connect with your mind, body & soul. ​It is my belief that when we take time to connect to our inner self and start to understand ourselves better, we tap into inner wisdom and guidance that allows us to make more conscious choices for ourselves and our lives.

Franca - Clinical Nutritionist

I'm Franca - a fun-loving and compassionate Clinical Nutritionist who prides myself on ensuring each of my patients obtain life-long health and vitality. I am passionate about Sports Nutrition and Nutritional Biochemistry. I continuously aspire to further develop a greater understanding of the inner workings of human cells and how they can be manipulated by Nutritional Medicine to effectively treat and prevent disease.

Aborigine Bark Painting

In the spirit of reconciliation, Clarity Counselling Northern Beaches acknowledges the Gayemagal people, the Traditional Custodians of Country in the Northern Beaches and their connections to land, sea and community. We pay our respect to their elders past, present and emerging. We extend that respect to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples today.



If you have any questions or would like to book a session with one of our Northern Beaches counsellors, please get in touch using the details below.

For in-person sessions, we are located near Manly wharf inside the Community Northern Beaches Centre, opposite the tennis courts.

Thanks for submitting!

Clarity Counselling Northern Beaches is pleased to announce that we have been awarded Best Trauma Counselling Practice - Northern Sydney through the Global Health & Pharma Mental Health Awards 2022. 



52 Raglan St, Manly NSW 2095 - Community Northern Beaches 

There is 2-hour street parking available in Manly and easy access to public transport from the Northern Beaches and city. 



Clarity Counselling Northern Beaches


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