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Victims Services Bookings 

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Reactions following a crime

Becoming a victim of crime can be a distressing life event. The feelings victims experience may be normal reactions to an abnormal event. Many of these reactions may fade over weeks, although some might last longer. Victims can cope in different ways. 

Free counselling is available to primary, family and secondary victims of an act of violence. An initial 22 hours is available to primary, secondary victims and family victims and relevant family members. 
Once the allocation of hours is used, further hours can be approved where the victim and counsellor agree to this course and exceptional reasons are evident, or the applicant was a victim of child sexual assault or child abuse.

While recovery responses are generally positive for victims who access counselling soon after the incident, people who have been victims of events many years earlier can find several benefits through counselling. This includes those people who have been too afraid to open up about the incident before or feel they were not understood by others when they previously tried. 

Lodge an application for Approved Counselling online

You may apply for up to 22 hours of free counselling by completing the online form via the Victims Services Website 

We encourage you to contact the Victims Access Line on 1800 633 063 if you need assistance or have any questions.

What happens after your application is approved

  1. Your application will take up to two working days to process. Victims Services will send you or your representative a letter when a decision on your application is made.

  2. You can then make a booking with one of our Clarity Counselling approved counsellors at our practice in Manly or over zoom.

Becoming a victim of a crime can be a distressing life event. The feelings victims experience are normal reactions to abnormal events. 

  • You may have a range of reactions such as anxiety, fear, nightmares and problems relating to others

  • Not everyone has the same reaction and some people may have a delayed reaction

  • Depending on what happened, it will usually take 6-8 weeks to feel more in control again. For some, it could take longe

  • It is helpful to remember there are different ways to recover from what has happened

  • You can talk to someone you trust or a support service.

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Physical Effects 

  • Feeling tense or jumpy

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • Nightmares

  • Constant tiredness

  • Feeling uncoordinated

  • Loss of appetite 

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Emotional Effects 

  • Feelings of "going crazy"

  • Sadness, grief or loss

  • Anger or irritability

  • Feeling guilty 

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Behavioural Effects

  • Avoiding people or places that remind you of the event

  • Using alcohol or drugs to numb your feelings

  • Staying busy to block out thoughts of the crime

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Cognitive Effects

  • Poor attention span

  • Difficulty making decisions

  • Confusion

  • Slowed thinking

  • Forgetting details of daily life  

How to cope with the effects of a crime:

  • Allow yourself to feel your emotions

  • Allow yourself to feel the pain

  • Keep notes on your progress

  • Make daily decisions to regain a feeling of control

  • Spend time with others, but allow yourself some time out

  • Re-establish your normal schedule as soon as possible

  • Try to rest, sleep, exercise and eat regularly

  • Undertake daily tasks with care until your stress reduces

  • Consider seeing your doctor or a counsellor for professional help.

Book to see one of our victims services counsellors today.

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