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Meet The Team

Meet Our Victim Service Counsellors



  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Welfare- University of Santiago, Spain

  • Graduate in Psychological Guidance and Counselling - Marmara University - Istanbul, Turkey

  • Masters Degree in Social Work - Western Sydney University / Sydney, Australia 

  • I am experienced in utilizing various evidence-based modalities including
    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT),

  • Motivational Interviewing, Narrative therapy and I utilise somatic approaches
    within my practice.

I see therapy as a collaboration between two individuals, I will always position you as the expert in your own life. It’s often difficult to find the way forward when we’re enmeshed with an issue. Knowing this, I offer a respectful safe place to connect, explore, and help you find ways to gain perspective and insight for a better emotional headspace. I have extensive experience working with family members supporting people living with a mental illness, alcohol or drug addiction, disability or chronic illness. My therapy draws from an integrated approach, incorporating different modalities including Solution-Focused, Acceptance and Commitment therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Psychodynamic principles for longer term work. My work is informed by current knowledge on interpersonal neurobiology. I specialise in relational and social competencies, work/life effectiveness, personal issues, trauma, grief and loss, domestic violence and historic abuse. When not supporting psychological health, I love grounding myself in nature or getting playful with my toddler.

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  • 25 years experience as a psychotherapist

  • Provided more than 15,000 hours of counselling and hypnotherapy for individuals seeking help to overcome disorders such as post-traumatic stress, anxiety and depression, phobias, compulsive behaviours, and addictions.

  • Clinical Practice Leader for a gambling addictions service on the Central Coast of NSW  

  • Accredited Clinical Supervisor, providing supervision to counsellors employed by state government-funded services and to therapists in private practice.

  • Chris currently runs group therapy sessions within two addiction rehab centers and has developed a unique treatment model for addiction, The Addiction Recovery Format, that includes dealing with complex co-occurring mental health disorders common to addiction.

  • Runs educational workshops for NSW community and mental health workers on the harms of gambling addiction, plus he has addressed a Federal Senate Enquiry on poker machine harm minimisation.

With qualifications in a vast number of therapeutic models, Chris is highly skilled in applying therapeutic techniques effective for lasting positive change. However, at the heart of Chris’ work is the relationship he shares with his clients, providing them a safe and supportive environment for inner reflection and self-exploration, helping them to identify, utilise and apply personal resources to attain positive outcomes. 



  • Bachelor's Degree in Social Work

  • Post Graduate Certificates in Child Protection

  • Trained in trauma-informed practice (particularly relating to domestic and family violence)

  • Registered with AASW 

I am experienced in working in child protection, domestic and family violence, and with those who have experienced significant trauma as adults and children. I use a number of different approaches depending on your needs, including a feminist/gender-based lens, psychodynamic theory, ecological and systems approaches, and mindfulness techniques, and will work alongside you throughout your healing journey through empowerment and reflection. I believe all persons should have autonomy and choice over their own life, and that there are many structures and systems that impact on our ability to do this - in addition to our experiences along the way. I provide a safe, calm space, where you can be comfortable, reflect, and speak openly, and am available for online and telephone appointments only. 

Meet the team


  • Diploma in Sexual Health 

  • Training in Schema Therapy, Trauma Informed Therapy, Physiological Manifestations of Grief , Conflict Management, Mindfulness and Vicarious Trauma 

  • Gottman's Couples Counselling 

  • EMDR Training

  • Applied Suicide Intervention Training

  • The New York City Art Of Energy Healing  

  • Certificate IV in Training and Assessment

  • Registered wth PACFA (Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia)


Experienced counsellor in the following areas: 


  • Relationship and Sexual Issues

  • Anxiety/ Depression

  • Trauma Recovery- including sexual assault and domestic violence

  • PTSD and Complex Trauma

  • Life Transitions

  • Couples Counselling

I am committed to providing the highest level of care to my clients. I aim to
empower individuals and couples to live a life of meaning, passion and
fulfilment. I take pride in getting to know my clients and developing a
relationship of trust and respect.
I mix traditional psychology practises with energy healing including sound,
reiki and crystal healing. I find combining the two creates greater and longer
lasting results.

I also practising EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitising Reprocessing). EMDR
therapy is proven to help people process and move past traumatic memories.

I also work as an educator in educating other trauma workers on the
detrimental impacts of vicarious trauma and trauma specialist training.

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  • Bachelor degree in Development Studies and a master’s of social work.

  • Trauma informed counsellor trained to deliver brief to long term interventions including anger management, relationship counselling, trauma and I closely resonate to grief counselling.

  • Circuit Breaker Course for Domestic Violence and have knowledge of standby support post suicide.

  • Experience in providing counselling to clients with disability, severe anger management issues, relationship issues, trauma and grief. I am able to provide therapeutic interventions accordingly.

  • Mental health first aider 

  • Registered with the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW).


The psychological strategies and techniques I generally use are Mindfulness based Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) techniques, MI, CBT, and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). While I resonate to any underprivileged individual I belong to CALD community here in Australia and see myself supporting the community more effectively in long run.



  • Master of Social Work (Qualifying)

  • Master of Psychology (Research)

  • Member of AASW

  • Accredited Mental Health Social Worker

  • NSW Victims Services and Medicare provider

I hold a humanistic and non-pathologising approach to support and care, supported by feminist frameworks. The purpose of my work is to provide a safe(r), inclusive and compassionate space where beautiful conversations (and silence) can happen. I offer to walk alongside you as you witness your challenges, explore new ways of understanding and relating to your experiences, and seek preferred ways of living and thinking. I will treat you with empathy, respect and celebrate the person that you are right now. I consult with women, trans and gender diverse people (18+) who experience or have experienced different kinds of life-interrupting challenges, including:


  • A troubled relationship with drugs or alcohol

  • Fear, anxiety or worry

  • Contemplating not wanting to live

  • Crippling lows / overwhelming highs

  • Effects of abuse, neglect and other Adverse life experiences (trauma)

  • Relationship break-down, infidelity and/or boundary transgressions

  • Distressing relationship with food, eating and their body such as binge eating, dieting, emotional eating, bingeing and purging, body dissatisfaction (NOT restriction)

  • Hearing voices, seeing things that others don’t see and experiencing unusual thoughts

  • Struggling with communicating their feelings, needs and boundaries

  • Loss and grief

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  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Welfare- University of Santiago, Spain

  • Graduate in Psychological Guidance and Counselling - Marmara University - Istanbul, Turkey

  • Masters Degree in Social Work - Western Sydney University / Sydney, Australia 

  • I am experienced in utilizing various evidence-based modalities including
    Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT),

  • Motivational Interviewing, Narrative therapy and I utilise somatic approaches
    within my practice.

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I am a counsellor and social worker using integrated therapeutic approaches including cognitive behavioural therapy, narrative therapy, psychodynamic therapy, EMDR and brief solution focused therapy. I have a background and experience working with disabilities and chronic illness, trauma and abuse, mental health, relationships, grief and loss, bereavement, carers, life changes, employees’ assistance, family and child related challenges. I can support you to cope with life’s trials through working on coping strategies, achieve greater self awareness and insight through recognising and working on changing unhelpful patterns of behaviours and thoughts, which would contribute to your personal growth, improved health and wellbeing, life experiences and relationships. I care deeply about my clients and in my work with them strive to blend sincerity, flexibility, equality, empathy, authenticity, experience and constant thirst for ongoing self-development and improvement.

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  • Graduate Diploma in Counselling, ACAP.

  • B. Communications, APM.

  • Foundation Course in MiCBT, Mindfulness Institute.

  • Applied Course in MiCBT, Mindfulness Institute.

  • Training in Schematherapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, Trauma-informed Care Level I, Youth Drug and Alcohol, Solution-Focused Therapy, DRUMBEAT and Creative Therapies.

  • PACFA Registration and Membership

  • Adolescent and Adult Suicide Prevention

  • Psychedelic Integration Therapy.

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