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LGBTQI+ Counselling and Therapy

LGBTQI+ Counselling is available at Clarity Counselling Northern Beaches.

Some of us identify as LGBTIQ+. This means we may be lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, intersex, non-binary, queer or questioning. We may also define our gender and sexuality in other ways - Stonewall's glossary lists many more terms with an explanation of the differences and meanings.

Anyone can experience a mental health problem. But those of us who identify as LGBTIQ+ are more likely to develop issues such as:

  • Low self-esteem

  • Depression

  • Anxiety, including social anxiety

  • Eating problems

  • Misusing drugs and alcohol

  • Self-harm

  • Suicidal feelings

  • Other mental health problems

  • Breakdowns in communication

Over time, these can continue to worsen, and you may become stressed or find yourself in a crisis situation. Our therapists at Clarity Counselling are here to listen, give you support and advice.

Being LGBTIQ+ does not cause these problems. The reasons why people who identify as part of the LGBTIQ+ community are more likely to get them are very complicated. But it is most likely to do with facing things like:

  • Homophobia, biphobia and transphobia

  • Stigma and discrimination

  • Difficult experiences of coming out

  • Social isolation, exclusion and rejection

  • Society expectations

  • Self-acceptance

  • Sterotypying

Feeling marginalised or discriminated against can often make the coming out process extremely difficult. The mainstream assumption is that a person is straight and identifies as their biological gender, making the process of ‘coming out’ or disclosing sexuality or gender identity very difficult.

For some people, religious beliefs, culture, or traditional attitudes further complicate this process and can result in experiencing identity issues, particularly when your immediate community is not affirming or accepting of the LGBTI community.

Although the problem for people who identify as LGBTI sits with the attitudes and behaviours of the society around them, a person may seek help to learn how to cope with impacts and any other issues related to a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity.

At Clarity Counselling Northern Beaches, we are committed to working with the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, queer, intersex, trans and questioning community through psychotherapy and counselling on strategies and ways to manage the impact of discrimination from the community. We can also help with self-confidence strategies and role-play conversations that you might be worried about having.

Families of LGBTQI

At Clarity Counselling Northern Beaches, we also offer counselling to families from the LGBTQI community. We use a strengths-based perspective and offer education about the importance of family acceptance versus rejection. Often family members seek advice and seek information, support or understanding from someone .independent.

If you find it difficult to adjust to the idea that your daughter or son is lesbian, gay or bisexual, Clarity Counselling is here to support you. The most important thing to remember in understanding your child’s sexual orientation is not a choice. No one chooses their sexual orientation or whether they are straight or gay, and it is simply a part of who they are.

Books for parents:

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