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It can be unsettling attending a counselling session for the first time; you may feel
uncomfortable or nervous, but this is normal, and we, at Clarity Counselling Northern Beaches, will guide you through the process.


Your counsellor will ask you some questions and explore with you what you would like to achieve
in your sessions. There’s no pressure on you to know exactly what you’d like to achieve in
the first session, we understand that sometimes, you just need to unravel your thoughts and
we’ll draw the conclusions together.

You will gain an understanding of how your counsellor will work with you to help you address
the issues which concern you. You will experience our working style and have the
opportunity to ask any questions about our Manly counselling service.

Very occasionally, if a counsellor believes our service is not suitable for you, they will be
pleased to recommend alternative northern beaches counsellors or other Manly counselling services that may be more appropriate for your needs.

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