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Individual therapy is a long-term treatment option which focuses on analysing past events to build a picture for the client and help to understand why they may feel a certain way. Counsellors will often explore feelings of inferiority and inadequacy which may be a result of childhood experiences. 

There are four stages within Individual Adlerian Therapy: 

  1. Engagement - creating a collaborative relationship with your therapist

  2. Assessment of your personal history & childhood memories 

  3. Insight - your counsellor helps you view your situation from a different perspective

  4. Reorientation - therapist suggests steps you can take outside of therapy to reinforce newly developed insights


Adlerian counselling will help you to understand why you behave in the way you do so you can find ways to act more effectively. Individual therapy is a positive and encouraging approach that can help individuals, couples and families and is effective at the following: 

  • Anxiety stress

  • Anti-social behaviours 

  • Developing healthy coping skills

  • Self-exploration 

  • Improving communication 

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